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Paper Doll Family

10-12-2012  For this lesson of my independent study of journal spilling I went a little on the simple side.  There was a lot of information and reading for this lesson.  What I took away from it was the desire to make something cute to show my family as paper dolls. 

Most of my time was spent selecting the papers that would best represent the storage page and each person.  I stitched the pocket on with my sewing machine.  The girls of the family are triangles with flowers that represent the age relative to the size of the flower as well as the size of their triangle.  My husband being the only man got the legs and vines instead of flowers.  They're really cute all tucked in snug together.  

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  1. Our husbands look suspiciously the same lol! I really like your representation of your family.

  2. Super cute! Sometimes simple is the most fun. :)

  3. These are so much fun! I love the papers you chose and the happy faces!


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