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Not a Great Sweater in a Down Pour

Whenever I put on an outfit that makes me feel extra special I think to myself, "I am going to DRAW this!"  It's the truth.  I think my fashion and art have found a happy place together and as long as that great feeling pops up I'm going to keep celebrating it. 

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What I'm Wearing
Bandolino Sweater
Claudio Richard Blouse
Sag Harbor Slacks
Mossimo Metallic Shoes (not shown)

Shared with ABAC


  1. Mary, how super that you can draw your outfits. I can only do stick figures. What a talent.

  2. and don't forget that great butterfly necklace! Neat drawing! {:-Deb

  3. What a cute drawing! Have you ever seen Little Tin Soldier's blog? She draws out all of her looks. I am so jealous of talented artists! I can only draw stick figures and smiley faces :D

  4. Great idea to paint your outfit. If you ever have a day that you don't know what to wear, you can just simply look up an outfit in your journal ☺ Love the outlining of flowers.

  5. Great page Mary, and you are so well dressed and co-ordinated. Love the Wednesday link idea too

  6. What a fun idea to draw and design in your Fashion Sketchbook. Thank you for joining in at ABAC this week.

  7. Great page. Love the drawings and colours. Wish you'd pointed out where your sparkle or shine is to fit the theme as my silly old eyes clearly aren't working properly today! Very pretty border.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at ABAC.

  8. Thank you so much Mary for letting me know that the sparkle is in the gorgeous dragonfly necklace. How silly of me not to realise that in the first place - my apologies!

  9. Wow you are so talented! Love the sketch. Also, Thanks so much for linking up.


  10. What a great idea. I think this is so fun. Thanks for joining us over at ABAC.


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