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NJ Hurricane Flooding and Art

10-29-2012 The last apple was eaten today so I told Isabelle to put it next to the sink when she was done with it.  I do things like that sometimes, she's used to living with my artsy weirdness and never questions it.  The hurricane force winds are starting here and it's been raining for the last 21 hours non stop down pour.  My husband took a drive around snapping pictures this is the house 1/2 a mile up the road at low tide 1pm.

EDM 178 - Draw something red


  1. It is so good to know that somebody else sketches, draws and paints the things and object around them as I do! lol. What better way to get inspiration I say. Do hope this dreaded Storm doesn't effect you too badly, fingers crossed.....all the best, ann.

  2. Nice drawing. Good luck with the hurricane. I hope it goes away soon. Prayers to all that are affected.

  3. watching CNN and it's all about your weather conditions over there. Hope you will all be all right and that you will have more drawing opportunities! Patsy from

  4. Wow, you guys be safe out there!

  5. Funny what subjects we are compelled to depict and you did a great job of it. Here in Australia there has been all day news telecasts about Sandy, she's one heck of a monster. Prayers you and your are safe.

  6. Oi! I hope you sre all safe and sound when Sandy has moved on! And I love artsy quirkiness! Great Apple core!

  7. My late husband used to say he daren't eat a piece of fruit from a bowl before checking whether it was a still life setup! well trained.


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