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Last Pair of Shoes

I remember being a little girl sitting in the back seat of my parents car and seeing a pair of sneakers hanging from a city power line.  Listening to them banter back and forth about it.  Mom saying, "Look at this neighborhood like they afford to be throwing away good shoes, hope they've got another pair."  Typical as any mother always looking out for someone.  Dad chiming in with, "We'll find out if we see a kid running around out in the cold with no shoes on."

There's a point to all this.  The chatter not directed at me still taught me.  No one should waste anything that you or someone in need can use.  There are always people that waste, sometimes it's even those who need it most.  Hopefully this mixed media painting reads well.  It's a power line shadow with shoes dangling just in case it isn't understandable.  Done with lots of layers and supplies.


  1. Love this!! Isn't it funny the things that stick with us from childhood..I have always hated seeing shoes on powerlines, to me I always see such a waste of time and perhaps I feel a waste of life too.

    Have a lovely weekend. xo

  2. Love the colours. Great to hear how a childhood memory gave you inspiration.

  3. That conversation between your parents made me laugh. It would be good movie dialogue! :-)

    Funny how that stuck with you all these years. Nicely rendered memory!

  4. I always wonder about the one shoe I see on the road. Does the owner know he dropped it or did someone throw it out the window? Will they come back for it?

    BTW, a pair of shoes hanging on a power line meant, at one time, drugs were for sale there. I wonder if that is still true.

  5. This is so funny. I always seem to noticed a pair of shoes hanging over head too. Back in the 60's I think it had something to do with men coming home from the war. It fascinates me.

  6. Good post! I always wonder about the story behind a single shoe lying beside the road.

  7. Nice story and life lesson :) nice illustration too!


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