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Inventing the Future

10-04-2012 Daily living one day at a time has been enough.  When asked to follow an art prompt addressing the future I immediately felt my stomach tie in a knot.  Sure I wanted to participate but did I really want to pull back the veil on this looming event? 

Thanks to a fellow blogger I was able to realize that even short term plans are future.  This is a drawing of my backyard shed with french doors and a small wrap around deck added as I imagined a quiet space, an oasis for art.  A short term escape from "MOOOOOOM"  screamed at me down the stairs when I go to my office to draw even though their father is always right there.

Me time during the day never happens.  Even as I type this post I've gotten up three four five times to redirect our blossoming soon to be two year old.  Even the simplest alone time is impossible. Did you know four year olds can open doors?  I go to the bathroom and she is right in the room with me in seconds.  Asking things like, "What are you doing?" when I'm sitting in the place that makes it pretty obvious.

I spent time over the weekend reorganizing the shed to see if it was even possible to have storage and an art space.  It looked good.  My husband informed me when I showed him my work and plans to convert the shed into an art space away from the house that it's still only a shed, it's for storage and I've moved things that belong in there. 

Well there goes that idea.  At least I have this drawing.

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  1. Hope you find that alone space really helps keep the whole creative /mummy mix working. xx

  2. Lovely sketch of your shed - perhaps your things belong in there too! I totally emphasize with your feelings about having no time to yourself with two small children. But it is so important -- maybe swap babysitting time with a friend. Even an hour or two of alone time a week will nourish you. I'm so glad you joined in -- remember that the best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time! And if you can't have the shed, I hope you have a room or space of your own soon. Thanks for participating in Fall Fearless and Fly!

  3. Thank you for sharing your drawing and your challenge with finding a room of your own. I can so imagine peeking through the windows on your new doors and seeing you hard at work. Good luck!

  4. Oh, I remember that time! You feel like you'll never find two minutes for yourself. Hang on in there - it gets better. Although of course they'll want to come and do art with you which presents a whole new set of challenges...

  5. You brought back memories of when my kids were attached to me now that they are teens they want their privacy which makes it easier to do art. Of course I am now the one pestering them to do things with me. Funny how things get turned around. I even lester them when they are in the bathroom. That is not hard to do since they are in there a lot...thanks for joining Fall Fearless and Fly this week!

  6. Love your sketch.... I hope you DO get to move in soon!!!!



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