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Every Morning This is What She Sees

10-02-2012 I'll try not to get too sentimental about the fact that she's at preschool right now and not sitting in her little reading chair.  That's she's not wrapped up in her cozy blanket watching her favorite morning cartoons.  Here I am with her toy dog waiting for her return.  I miss her it's true. 

I felt close to our daughter while drawing her special space today.  Her little part of the world from the place where she starts every day.

Creative things I can do in 15 minutes or less
1. This drawing and many other Every Day Objects
2. Plan out a layout from a prompt for my Art Journal
3. Set up the line work for a Fashion Sketchbook layout
4. Find a virtual location for a Travel Sketchbook drawing
5. Try a new art Technique

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  1. So cute view, so deeply hearted!

  2. Very heartfelt! Love the drawing, and the list!

  3. Aw. Of course you'd miss her! Lovely drawing.

  4. Wonderful sketch of her space. My daughter just started college two states away from us. Very hard on the heart.
    Love your work.

  5. great list and i love your drawing!

  6. Wonderful sketch of your little one's space. My son started preschool this year & it's definitely a bittersweet year for me!

  7. Hi Mary! totally cute and a great way to record those special places and times! THey grow up so fast!

  8. What heart-felt art, Mary!
    And a great list, too!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. awww... that's sweet. i bet she can't wait to get home to you!

    great list! i like that you provided links to your other projects.


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