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10-15-2012 When I decided to redecorate our kitchen I went on a hunt for the most interesting canisters I could find.  I figured between those and the table cloth that was really what was going to set the room up.  It's a working kitchen so I don't load up the counters with stuff I want that space clean and ready to use.  I learned quickly that box chains carry three types of kitchen items black, white and silver, that's it.  Every store the same cookie cutter plain.  I found these after searching in a few thrift stores.  I love that they are vintage and they fit my colors and style choices for the space.

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  1. such cute looking canisters. My mom loves stuff like that :D
    Nice sketch!

  2. I want these jars! Love mushrooms :-)

  3. How nice! I love them very much. By the way... my daughter, Rebeca, was born in 1978 :)


  4. I guess I vintage, too! :-). I was 11 in '78 and remember that country kitchen look being very popular!

  5. Those canisters will certainly make your kitchen feel more homey. Glad you found them. Great sketch.


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