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Draw Something Hot

10-07-2012 It's a rainy day, perfect for making soup.  I got this Black Bean and Sausage Soup recipe from Vicki it's available on her blog at Faint Heart Art.  It's smelling good and going to be done for lunch.

We spent an hour before the rain this morning playing at Isabelle's school playground.  I just learned it's open to local residents to use how great is that?  I used to take the kids over to the playground 10 miles away now it's just a hop skip and jump. 

Soup time.  You can't beat home made to vanquish the chilled to the bone feeling days like today bring.  Have a great day!

EDM 142

Today was a good day to add some color to the bananas from  Sept 27th


  1. That soup looks and sounds good. I love soup on cold days too, something comforting about it.

  2. It's a soup day here, too. Looks good!

  3. Bananas are my favorite fruit. :)) I drink a banana smoothie every morning. Great illustration!

  4. YuM! yum, it's good enough to have here, even though it's spring time, it's Brrrr cold. Love the colouring of your bananas.

  5. The bananas look great. Isn't it funny that even people get brown spots when they age....?

  6. Hmmmm I don't eat sausage but the idea of that soup is sounding marvellous and really comforting. I love to see other people's doodles, makes me want to do more myself!

  7. Love the banana so much.

  8. Soup day is definitely a worthy journal entry. And a tummy entry as well!

  9. Yummy, soup! Lovely sketches.

  10. Love that banana sketch, and thanks for the link to yummy soup! I live in the Ozarks--very chilly here today! --Sandy Leigh

  11. What a lovely idea to paint the soup. The page in your journal looks so lovely. Would be a nice idea to create a small cook book with paintings and recipes. And the bananas look so delicious!


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