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The Bay Art Glitter 10 Year Art Journal Page

09-02-2012 They, beings that are wise to the communications of the blogosphere, say that blog posts should have clear concise titles for better traffic willingness.  I've failed them.  The titles of my blog posts are true to the art I share however strange the titles sometimes appear.


When I come here to write Blogger doesn't date my posts, I manually add them each time.  It's one of the many ways I use to live a daily life of awareness.  It's reassuring to stay focused on the present as it offers little opportunity for shadows of doubt on the day.  This journal exercise brought me to the past reflecting on some of the most crucial points along the journey from 10 years ago to today. 

With this I completed the last of lesson two journal spilling.  Because I had a clear plan in my head for where I wanted to go with my writing I dove into the page words first.  After throwing down my words  I released a few tears, surely of joy.  Next I added my resists of crayons and glaze pens with the plan to go crazy with bold splashes of watercolor as my finale ultimately being the spilling part of my activity.  Happily I avoided a train wreck as I learned that Stabilo pens may be wonderful with my alcohol markers are a terror with water.

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  1. Fantastic page.
    I love all the little pictures throughout it and the happy ending. I love how you reached into yourself and put your thoughts and feelings onto the page.

  2. That is a wonderful journal page. I don't abide by marketing rules either. :)) It's way too stressful and takes the fun away.

  3. Lovely page and I enjoyed all of your alphabet illustrations in prior posts. I too have had disasters with my stabile pencil and water! Live and learn! Thanks for visiting my blog and look forward to visiting you soon!

  4. What a beautiful journal entry. Such moments should be 'memorialized'. This style reminds me of the notes my friends and I used to pass in Jr. High School.


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