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Radiant Glorious Fabulous

09-26-2012 Raeven's art journal challenge this week was to make a page using autumn colors and the theme of the page should be “I am a radiant, glorious, fabulous woman.”  I didn't over think it I just jumped in and played.  She's not perfect and the page doesn't make a whole lot of sense but she was so much fun to make and I like her hair and eyes so she's good enough for me. 

I've had the pleasure both yesterday and today to sit outside under our big leafy tree and read art books for an hour.  That feels good and it puts me into this wonderful zen like state where each breeze is like a kiss.  Even the sun was kind enough to peek through the leaves right onto my pages so I could see better.  Perfect days and I remembered to say, "Thank You."

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  1. lovely page :) I love the way you did her eyes :)

  2. She looks radiant, glorious and fabulous to me. I like it!

  3. I always love looking at your journal pages. This one is great.
    I love the butterfly on the pumpkin.
    I can picture her at the pumpkin patch finding that pumpkin and butterfly and it making her day.

    You're doing such a wonderful job keeping up with the weekly challenges. :-)
    Its people like you who make these weekly challenges worth it


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