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Quiet Art Space

The joy of independent study is I can take what I learn and go in any creative direction I choose without fear of making a mistake.  For this journal spilling lesson I made a drawing game doodle page mostly following lesson instructions and a page expressing a place I would like to be which I went completely in my own direction creating.  And yes I realized after scanning that Breathe has an E at the end I fixed my page but didn't bother to rescan.  Go right hemisphere!

Here are step by step instructions on how I created my Quiet Space page.  Last night I hunted through the craft papers stash and chose colors and patterns that mimic how I feel when I am in my favorite place.  I ripped every piece of paper as I found it, ripping paper is great therapy.  When I felt satisfied that I had piled my way into a happy place I flipped around the paper stack shuffling them into a good assortment.  Like a kid playing with leaves.  I sprayed the journal page with photo spray adhesive and laid out the papers.  Mod Podged the whole thing and went to bed.  Tonight I returned and trimmed the paper edges added words that apply to the space and some doodle decorations.  Done and fun.

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  1. I love your journal page! thank you for joining us at Anything but a Card!

  2. Hi Mary, what a beautiful art journal!
    Thanks for being a part of Blogtoberfest, hosted by Cathy aka {tinniegirl} last year. Thought you might be interested to know that we're running it again in 2012. You can find all the info at:
    And we're kicking off this Monday! Would love to see you there.
    Kat xxx

  3. I wouldn't worry about the 'e'. You could be holding your 'breath' now you're in a happy place!! Just a thought.
    Great journal page which has a positive feel representing your happy mood. Love the colours and the doodling!
    Thanks for sharing with us at ABAC and I hope you'll join us again soon.

  4. Lovely - the different patterns and colors are so soothing! Thanks so much for joining us at Anything But a Card!

  5. Beautiful journal pages! A wonderful quiet space page!

  6. What lovely imagery. It's nice to carve out some quiet time this way.

  7. What a great journal page! The colors are so pretty!

  8. Lovely pages! I can just see you sitting there ripping and shuffling your papers ☺

  9. These are great! Love all the ripped paper layers!


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