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My Inner Critic

09-16-2012 For this part of the work alone journal spilling project I was supposed to create a portrait of myself and my critic.  Seeing as I already did a somewhat similar portrait of myself with the emotions journal page I decided to depict myself as the hand.  Yes that is my inner critic, she's quite obnoxious.  It's not that she insults my work it's simply the push to go do something else or to rush through things that need my time.

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  1. Oh she is a pushy one, isn't she?

    Nice page,


  2. Great illustration! I hate it when my little inner critique will torture me with trivial tasks I "need" to do immediately. Blessings!

  3. Haha, definitely pushy. Maybe you can offer her a cookie to keep her quiet for a couple minutes? :D Great job on the hand!

  4. Oh, I can so associate. In fact...I better go to the restroom right NOW!!! lol

    I love your drawings.

  5. I think all of us have inner critic moments like this one... it would appear my inner critic is allergic to chocolate and just a square or two is enough to banish her...xx

  6. Though she is beautifully portrayed, I would just ignore her and do what you desire:)

  7. You need to draw some duct tape over her mouth! ;-)

  8. Those little devils can be bratty and relentless, that's for sure! At least yours is cute! nancy

  9. I rally like the page you have done! Made me think of my own inner critic who says, my work is not good enough!

  10. Terribly sorry for the late response. I've been buried in f/t schoolwork and such, trying to keep up with art. Anyway, LOVE your sketches and journal book. Thank you for joining us and I do hope to see you again. :)


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