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My Fish Must Think I'm Crazy

For some reason I've been going to sleep right after the girls go to bed for the last two nights.  Tonight I rolled over and woke up at quarter of midnight, wide awake and thinking.  Since I couldn't sleep I decided to draw up a fashion memoir page.  I stopped working on them because I ran out of interesting clothes to draw during the summer season.  With the cooler air the last few days I'd gone through my closet and switched into autumn mode. 

I know you're asking what about the fish in the subject line.  They are my guppies in the art room.  They sleep on the bottom of the tank.  I know this because they looked at me as if I was out of my mind coming in here at that hour.  Now that my creative urges have been satisfied I can drift back off to sleep.  Good night, again.

Haven't seen my Fashion Memoirs?

What I'm Wearing
Apostrophe Sweater
Style & Co Blouse
Old Navy Cords
What's What Heels

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  1. I'm so jealous of your incredible artistic skills! I'm a bit obsessed with journaling (though mine is for writing, since I can't draw to save my life), and I especially love looking at art journals! Art journal AND fashion? Love. You rock.


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