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Letter G - Game Playing Giraffe and Goeldi Monkey

Okay so there were no self imposed rules with the Alphabet Inspired characters that I'm creating so I went ahead and skipped F's final piece and went straight to G.  I was excited about this one it's just so darn cute. 

I was a little tripped up with the monkey but as I told my daughter it was cute and I had to have it.  She went online and found a breed that had a G name thanks to her the whole piece works just a little better.

I have a plan for F just nothing in final form I read in an art newsletter that it may not be helpful to speak in future terms with our artistic plans.  In my case I disagree for me it solidifies accountability and I'm all about that.  A little wondering around never hurts either just as long as the final destination is project completion.

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  1. So funny, I like your alphabet game a lot! Even this time, it's so funny!


  2. Mary thank you for your blog comment! I am trying to put more yellow into my wardrobe. Yellow just feels right this time for me, ya know? xo-Bella Q

  3. These are so gorgeous, I have gone down a few posts and I think this is my favourite. Love them

  4. So cute! I love the monkey wrapped round the chess piece.

  5. Very creative work. Love all the other alphabets characters too.


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