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Finding the Love in Fashion

Today started out as a bad hair day gone stupid.  Have you ever had one of those days that feel like everything you are wearing is uncomfortable?  Now I know it wasn't the clothes. I was probably feeling anxious about the three girls and I getting our flu shots plus I chose the most basic collection of items.

I finally changed after only a short time of wearing the outfit.  To help me regain my appreciation for the pieces I put them in my art space and vowed to add them to my fashion memoir sketchbook.  I've learned that by drawing objects I can regain a peaceful connection on a level that makes me happy.  Now I wonder if drawing my hair would get me through on a bad hair day? 

The true joy of being an artist.

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What I'm Wearing
Blouse Unknown
Slacks Apt 9
Shoes Tahari
Necklace 1928

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  1. Terrific story! Drawing helps us get through a lot, doesn't it? Looks like a fabulous outfit. True joy, indeed.

  2. There are some really great details in your drawings, I especially like the button and the necklace :-)

  3. Art herapy on a whole new level! I love it! And what a great source of inspiration... So many pretty, detailed things to draw in our wardrobe!

  4. Great sketch! I share your love of drawing clothing. I always draw what I want to pack when I go on vacation.

  5. I wish I had such pretty clothes!! Pretty drawings too! I'm not sure about the bad hair days though, if mine are anything to go by, I'd certainly NOT be posting drawings of my wild hair days!!!!
    I like your style!

  6. your fashion drawings are wonderful! and i love the idea of having a "fashion memoir"!! terrific! xox

  7. maybe you can start a fahion journal, why not?

  8. great fashion! You definitely have good taste :)

  9. Lovely clothes, lovely drawings! nancy


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