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Draw a Knife

09-12-2012 The first thing that crosses my mind when I think of a knife is butterfly knives and hunting knives.  Gang banger moments on TV where somebody gets stuck.  You get where I'm going with this.  I remembered my kitchen knives only after I shuddered from the gore fest in my imagination. 

This is my favorite knife when I need to work on chicken.  I do have a more interesting looking knife that can be used to fillet fish.  I don't have as much of a sentiment with it since I have only gutted a few fish in my life.  The job was done poorly enough that I was left feeling rather defeated.  I prefer to associate my every day matters objects with good thoughts and I am a bad ass chicken prepper.

EDM 218


  1. I'm so bad ass I like to leave the fat on the chicken :-)
    Great drawing & love the little anecdotes & comments that go with your drawings.


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