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Draw a Stapler

09-06-2012 There was an extreme amount of lack of interest in art today.  I did my housework and met all my responsibilities laundry, dishes, cooking etc. but wasn't feeling like doing anything I enjoy.  My mom would say that it sounds like a "touch" of depression.  She would have been right. 

Tonight I went to my art space with the intention of kicking my butt into gear.  I read a little from the art books.  I have a rally of five going at the moment.  I never read more than a page or two from each and flip between them in a fun stack I usually flop on my lap.  The goal naturally isn't to have a good reading session like a novel but rather to have a trigger moment where something inside me clicks.

 I have one way to explain to a person who doesn't understand an artists way of thinking.   It's like driving down the road and smelling a really good steak restaurant.  Mmmm, you imagine the plate of food, the setting of the restaurant, you may even go as far as to picture socializing there.  The desire for the meal is created from that smell.  That's the strong emotional trigger I'm hunting for except not with my nose, rather with my eyes.

The books didn't work.  So I sat back and daydreamed.  What finally worked was I remembered a comment I made on a fellow artists blog about the stapler she drew and how I wanted to try it.  So I did.

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  1. Hey,
    You did it fine with this stapler! And what you described about the feeling to make something like creativity or art is right!
    Please do more art everyday, even a simple bloat of ink or a scratch a doodle but never never interrupt your art!
    It's like an addiction to your life!

  2. So funny! My daughter asked me for staples just yesterday and I dug through my desk and found 2 boxes of 5000 staples that are still almost completely full. I wondered what you'd have to be stapling to use that many staples in a lifetime! :-).

    Great drawing!

  3. Stefano' advice is good.....I should follow it! Nice job with the stapler and I'm sorry it bit you! nancy

  4. I so enjoy and can relate to your description of the creative experience and appreciate your honest thoughts.

    Your art and writings are a delight...the glitter it!


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