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Draw a Toe

09-07-2012 I read this prompt twice when I first saw it.  Yes, I had to draw a toe.  No need to go chasing down my subject just prop up a leg how hard could this be? 

I spent a good amount of time laughing at myself.  Not so bad with a leg up looking at it but the position was terribly uncomfortable once I started drawing.  It looks nothing like the big toes I see in all those foot silhouettes on ads and things.  It is exactly the correct shape of my toe.  I wanted more little wrinklies but darn if I could get a good focus on them.  I didn't want to improvise so I moved on to the coloring. 

The glitter was a whole other layer of excitement.  I'm definitely going to try drawing glitter again.  It's puzzling, try it sometime and let me know I'd be interested in seeing how others tackle sparkly.  Mine is fair but I craved being more precise.

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  1. What an awesome toe! Love your sparkle polish. I want to try this challenge :)

  2. Looks pretty good to me!


  3. you did the glitter thing well ! what a great toe !

    you should be proud that you can do that .!

  4. Maybe it would be easier to draw someone else's toe lol.

    It looks great - I think you did a great job on the glitteryness ;-)

  5. You scored another great sketch! Weel done!

  6. what a great challenge and I can see the glitter.

  7. I can just feel the squashing pain you must have been feeling trying to take a closer look. You did a great job representing the glitter!

  8. Love that challenge and your toe -- so pretty! Happy Show and Tell Saturday!

  9. I never really thought about drawing glitter before but I imagine it would be tough. You have done a great job with it!

  10. I tried to do some feet today but had no luck. Your toe is much more successful! (I ended up adding socks!) Did you use actual glitter or just make it look like glitter? Because if you just made it look like it, great job! I can totally see the tiny little squares. (One other thing that might be fun to try for brightness is dots with a white gel pen, though honestly sometimes they just give you trouble!)

  11. That's one cool toe, love the glitter nail polish.

  12. Great drawing and I like that glittering red!


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