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Dream Pockets

09-24-2012  This art journal page is made a little differently following instructions from my journal spilling workshop.  I used my sewing machine to make this page from paper scraps that I've saved from ATC trades.  There are probably too many stitches here because I didn't want to stop it was so much fun. 

The dragonfly, butterfly and shoes are hidden pockets.  I tucked a few blank sheets of paper into the shoes.  The butterfly and dragonfly I used to store sheets with my dreams written on them.  As my dreams and desires change I can ebb and flow without something solid on the page.  This could even be a great way to make a pocket poster for the wall to keep slips, ATCs, lists and more all organized in a cute place.

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  1. This is great. I may have to be a copy cat and make me some pockets. (I Love your dragonfly)

  2. What a lovely idea Mary to have a place to slot our dreams. Writing them down hopefully will give us more incentive to fulfil them too.

  3. It's great that you chose things with wings to hold your dreams and shoes to hold the blank pages. That's a wonderful metaphor right there!


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