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Cold Front Art Journal Page

09-12-2012  With Raeven's art journal challenge this week of, "Opposites: Divide your journal page in half.  Then make each section of your page about those opposites.  You know the drill. Don’t fret and don’t fuss. Don’t take it too seriously. Just have fun."  I came up with this page to acknowledge the changes to come in our weather and the activities that we do during each time.

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  1. This is a great art journal page, love the pupper with the shades :D

  2. I love it.
    Using the wind to divide the page was an awesome idea. Great job as usual.

  3. Excellent idea! I'm like Raeven - using the wind as a divider was absolutely inspired :)

  4. Love your reminds me of how I'm always torn this time of year. I love the laid back summer but I always feel renewed come fall and the return of a schedule. My two favorite seasons, seriously can not choose between the two. Thanks for sharing!

  5. love this page of sketching!! The cold front cloud is so wonderfully placed!


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