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Preschool Jitters

08-26-2012 I didn't have to go too far to find my subject for the first half of lesson two in my journal spilling independent study.  I've had heaping handfuls of emotion around my daughter Isabelle starting preschool.  I used the quiet time I had creating these pages to sort out my feelings.

I started with a layer of purple, orange and blue Tshirt spray and glitter powder over all the purple areas.  I wasn't sure the glitter would stay on but it did.  The glitter shows big time in the lower right hand corner of the photograph surprising as glitter rarely photographs well. 

I saw the heart after the paint dried so I highlighted it with some blue puffy paint and also added a few corner dots.  On separate pieces of paper I journaled my thoughts as well as her preschool supplies list (wicked cool art supplies mostly) Then I drew a playful version of a school house.  Bordered all of those and added them to the journal. 

Went back with black marker and made the heart border, pages border and 'Big Brave 4 year old'  Finally finishing up with a few stickers of flowers and ladybugs.  She saw these pages after I was finished, she giggled and said it was cute.  I never mentioned it was about her.  All she said as she walked out of my art room was, "I want to use glitter when I get bigger."  Oh child, all the things you'll get to do when you go to school.

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  1. Hi Mary - feel like it's been ages! (and feel a bit guilty because my drawing 365 didn't quite make it. Maybe I'll try it again!) Anyway, wanted to say these pages are so cute - I find it weird that they don't start preschool til 4 there - here, they start regular school at 4 and playgroup/nursery/preschool at 3 (if not earlier). I also have pre-school jitters, but that's for myself going back on Wednesday!!

  2. oh wow what a creative overdose here! really love your blog darling!


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