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08-09-2012  Art journal page prompt: "I want you to make a page with a main image and then frame that image with circles."  This immediately came to mind.  I can not make up the events that are my life.  In a fit of impulse I bought a fish tank at the local swap meet (flea market) Saturday got it home and recanted on the thought of caring for yet another form of eating pooping being.  Nothing personal against the kids and pets but the maintenance part of them can be pretty substantial at times. 

I stuck it in the shed and figured I could one day resell it.  Then I spent the next 4 days himming and hawing over the idea, finally settling on bringing it in to assemble today.  How much work could it be really?  After all there is a filter for catching the bulk of the poo and the eating part well it's just a pinch a day.  The place I decided to place it I could literally feed them with my eyes closed as I walked past in the morning.  After dumping the rocks which came with the tank I found a 2 inch crack in the bottom.  Glad I didn't put water into it and then find the crack but ridiculously bummed because, "Hey it took me days to decide to use this."  So now I spend my free time web surfing learning about fish accessories.  I should have left it in the shed or better yet at the market.

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  1. I see a terrarium in the works, many ideas on etsy. Hey no poop being

  2. I liked your pooping being comment too. Terrarium would be a great use for it, nice. Visiting from Just Journals. xox

  3. Great page - very funny! Well done, and wonderful to look at.

  4. Had to smile when I saw that fish tank; been there!! Now I am into a small greenhouse obsession. Why do we always do this? Good luck on your fishies.

  5. It stinks that the tank ended up having acrack in it.especially after tbe time you spent on considering it! But I love the journal page you made for it.:)

  6. Oh you will be so glad you did it after you get it all set up. Did you know watching fish can actually lower your blood pressure? There was a time in my life when watching the fish in our tank probably saved my sanity. LOL Now, I've moved and am thinking of moving again...if I can get settled in one place again, I'll be setting one up too!


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