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Draw the Inside of Your Closet

08-14-2012  I completely adore my closet.  My husband was kind enough to build it large share it and then after five years build himself a separate one so I could blissfully inhabit the entire 10' x 3' space.  This is how I organized it.

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EDM 258


  1. Lucky you...lots of space for everything!

  2. I wish I had a really big closet. My closet is decent size, but I just have too much stuff in there :/

    I really love that you drew your closet. I love seeing how others organize their space. Gives me ideas on how to organize my own =)

  3. very well organised. and i like how you even have enough space in your closet for a framed picture too! rock on!

  4. wow, I wish mine is half as organized as your :(
    Nice sketch!


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