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Draw a Tote Bag

08-27-2012 I walked into my art space sat in the chair and stared at the desk.  My mind thought of a million different art destinations that I wanted to go but I didn't have the desire to pick up any one specific thing.  Each time I tried to grab a sketchbook or make a color decision I kept having the feeling like I wanted to stop.  Finally I decided to leave. 

I was about to get up but then stopped myself.  I'd wanted this time to myself all day and here I was passing it up.  Finally I decided on drawing an every day object.  When my head is in a spin grabbing paper and pen and drawing just what I see centers me.  I feel good.

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EDM 227


  1. Great picture of a great looking back, full of inspiration :)

  2. It is full of inspiration:)Great way to get out of a creative block.

  3. I love this! I love bags though, so this is right up my alley.

  4. Wonderful style, wonderful subject. Glad you persisted.

  5. This is a really great bag. In fact, I need one of those! Really well executed!


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