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Colors and Car Shows

08-13-2012  There were so many drawings without color, sometimes I just get a lot of line work produced, it's kind of a manic period when this happens.  To add color and shading tends to need a more calm mind.  After my work last night and a good night's sleep I was centered enough to finish a couple requested artist trading cards (pictured here) and some draw daily 365's that I didn't have time to color over the weekend.  We went to a local car show it was a perfect cross section of lines, curves and colors that definitely got my mind in the art zone.  There's only one more drawing to add color to and it's an object from the every day matters list.  There's always tomorrow.

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  1. These are both great! Hooray for crossing things off your to-do list! (I do hope someone comes along to cheer up the parrot though.) :)


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