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Letter A - Alligator Ate an Apple

I'm in between projects right now.  Read a book?  Play a video game?  Watch a movie?  Nah, I took this time to brainstorm and come up with a little art play time.  I decided to use the alphabet to spur my imagination.  Growing up I always hated how the classroom letters above the board only had one plain boring object to go with the letter.  For example A is for Apple.  Here's my spin on the alphabet picture prompts.  I was going to draw in the letter too but decided since I'm only using the letter for inspiration there was no need to include it graphically.  I don't know if I'll do the entire 26 piece set but at least it gives me something constructive to do with my hands when I have the down time.


  1. This is fun - a great way to spend your down time :)

    (I also love your foxy red dress in the post below! Hee hee!)

  2. He has a super expression! Cool.

  3. Great idea and he is quite cute! nancy

  4. You have had a great idea!

    Greetings from Madrid.


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