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A Few of the Cuter DD365

A few highlights from my draw daily project.  During the day when I'm too busy I still get the pen and shadow work done then come back after the girls are in bed to add color.  One pen is always easier to juggle with curious little girls then a handful of markers.  When I started this project I used to draw on the kitchen counter now every one's pulling chairs over or getting into things while my back is turned.  It means getting creative to squeeze in the time. 

Also paging back through this sketchbook reminds me that I've used only pen when I draw since Mother's Day May 13th.  Thanks completely to this DD365 challenge.  Now I never use pencil for anything every line I make is permanent, always. 

See more drawings from the Draw Daily 365 project also on Flickr


  1. Go for these cuties! I like them a lot! Great works!

  2. Haha, the animals in their little outfits are super cute! But it's that sweet stuffed dog at the bottom that wins the day. What a face!


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