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Draw Daily 365 Update

I started drawing my two daughter's toys and book characters as a daily drawing exercise on April 4th with the intention that it would somehow change my life.  Some days it's my "me" time.  It's fun because it gives me something to focus on each day hunting for a subject to create.  I've found my drawing object by stepping over them, having a gleeful child bring them to me or a bedtime story moment that was so special that I wanted a lasting memory.  Today was Day 119 and since it is my favorite number I decided to document and share.  You can see more of the drawings from this project on my Flickr page. 

While doing this project I decided to draw with pen only and stop using pencil guidelines that was May 14th.  78 days ago was the last time I touched a pencil for everything I have drawn.  Yeah I'd say that's a life changer in an artist's world.


  1. I definitely see more of a finished piece of art in these as opposed to the ones early on. I rally enjoy your pieces and this art time you set for yourself! I think sometimes we get too busy with out everyday life and forget the little artist in us crying out for pen and paper..hmmm maybe that'd why all the notes and things from mymkids school have scribbles and doodles. Lol. Take care and keep at it.

  2. These are so cute! Love these candy colors =)


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