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Copper Jewelry

Today's fashion drawing includes a copper necklace from the 60's I picked up at a thrift shop and a pair of earrings I made myself.  I never really considered other metals besides gold and silver before.  Copper has a radiance to it that is quite lovely.  I feel these accesories make this outfit come alive.

What I'm Wearing
Necklace Matisse
Earrings Handmade by me
Top Style & Co
Pants Old Navy Corduroy


  1. I love copper! I've used copper wire, from the hardware store, quite a bit in my art, and knitted parts of mixed media pieces in copper. This is aside from having copper in jewelry made by other people. So I am totally with you on this.

  2. This one is really cool too! Great color. And such neat detail with the jewelry and patterns.

  3. These look lovely, I can see how they would make an outfit.

  4. I have a lot of vintage copper jewelry from the 1950s that was my grandmother's. It has a lustre that other metals don't: a real warmth to it.

    Your drawings are wonderful.


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