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Color Interaction Triggers

Have you ever had one of those weeks when it seems like nothing is going right and then someone comes along and says the right thing to make it all better?  My van's been in the shop since last week and it's given me a case of the ass drag syndrome.  Our four year old inspired me with her sweet loving words today.  Enough so that I drew today including this outfit I wore. 

Then after looking at the outfit in the picture it made me wonder.  Did the color trigger an emotion in my daughter that increased her desire to say loving things?  How do the colors we wear affect the people we interact with?  Granted my van isn't repaired and I'm still house bound but at least I get to spend it with someone who loves me a lot.  Maybe I'll even wear red again.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    popping by from Just journals link party ...this is brilliant what a great way to journal!!!
    Hope your van gets fixed soon.
    I think the colour we wear can effect certain moods..when i am down i always pull out a bright sunny top and my fav pair of red ndls to pop on and people always comment...hopefully in a good way,lol..and when i look down at my feet i smile!
    I ha

  2. Nice journal page and a great snapshot of your life at the moment.


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