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Celebrate Color as a Pick Me Up

I've had a couple blah fashion days.  Today I decided to pull myself out of the funk with color.  The deep blue jeans are the darkest I own and the yellow shirt has got to be one of the brightest.  The shoes and accessories were thrown in to give me a nice trinity of color.

Fashion Memoirs

What I'm Wearing
Shirt Cotton Express
Jeans French Cuff
Shoes Xhilaration

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  1. Color is the best way to get out of a funk, that is my favorite thing to do to cheer up too!

  2. Color is like a tonic for the stress of modern life and helps remind you that we live surrounded by a rainbow even when we are indoors!

  3. I love color and how uplifting it can be. This was a wonderful reminder! nancy

  4. Yellow is definitely my go-to feel good color. It's so bright and sunny it's hard to feel down.

  5. I love the yellow with your haircolor. These drawings are so much fun! There's another artist who also blogs about her personal style called Bag and a Beret. Once in a while she posts her illustrations she does every day of what she wears. You'd probably really enjoy it. Not to mention her paintings too.

  6. The yellow shirt made me smile just looking at it, so wearing it must have been a real pick me up! I love these pages of your outfits :)

  7. I really like your page. I agree with you in color providing a 'boost'. I find that I love having color around me - paints, colored pencils, fabrics, flowers, beads, etc... Have a colorful day!

  8. Love the drawings, especially adding the shoes and jewelry for the complete outfit!


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