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Shorts Win The Day

It's nice to put on a piece of clothing and have it fit well.  That's the feeling I experienced today when I put on these shorts they were just perfect.  I really like the Gloria Vanderbilt shorts but I'm not crazy about their pants.

I've found clothing to be addictive and fun to draw and with its ease of being right under my nose there is no need to go hunting for a subject.  The journaling part of it kind of started as an after thought but now as I'm drawing them I think of interesting things that I want to get down about each piece.

What I'm Wearing
Tank Faded Glory
Shorts Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes Earth Spirit


  1. This is a very cute sketch. I really like the shoes.

  2. Fun page - and a wonderful idea for a journal. I like the shoe and the charm, especially.


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