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Nike Sneaker

06-23-2012 I enjoyed drawing my husband's New Balance sneaker so much I decided to draw my Nike.  It's page one in a fresh Cahier Moleskine after finishing my virtual Travel Sketchbook instead of continuing the project into the next book I decided to stop and find something new to pursue.  Finally I have.  Frugal fashion blogs have piqued my interest lately so with this shoe I'm bridging the gap between art and style.  I'm looking forward to working on this project.  This was done with Micron fine line pen, Pitt brush and Copic markers.

Nike Downshifter II


  1. This is darn hard to draw, and you did a wonderful job of it. All the perspective, everything is right. It's a really cool drawing.

  2. Dan's right ... Job well done! nancy

  3. Mary, I love the design of your blog!


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