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Feeling Beachy

06-25-2012 Who doesn't love a comfortable pair of jeans?  This pair is Lee low cut waist with boot leg.  I drew the pocket because I really like jeans with stitched pockets.  I dressed up the outfit a bit with a pair of bow shoes that have an interesting heal and a form fitting tank.  The starfish charm I bought at the local craft store I actually have quite a few different ones that I swap out on the same chain.  They're nice when I don't feel like going with anything bulky.

What I'm Wearing
Jeans: Lee
Top: Internation Concepts
Shoes: Blossom Collection


  1. A lovely page and it tells us a lot about you!

  2. What a cool concept for chronicling your daily wear and practicing your art. Love scrolling through your pages!


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