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Inspirational Art Journaling

05-01-2012 From time to time everyone needs to be picked up and dusted off.  Today I needed to hear what my art journal had to say.  Needed so much to listen closely to the whisper through the wings of creation.  The page is 9 X 12 and didn't quite fit the scan bed, it reads,

"What would you Do?
if you followed your Heart
If you took that...CHANCE
Would it be a SUCCESS??
Would you SCREAM
or Run & Dance
now Dare and be YOU"

The process conjured thoughts about fear that so many of us face.  Is it because with great success comes the possibility of great failure?  No one knows the direction life is going to take them.  With this exercise I hope to be better emotionally prepared to accept that every day has success built into it.


  1. Looks like a lovely, colourful page and the writing is really talking to how I'm feeling at the moment! Nice work Mary.

  2. Wonderful colorful page and a wonderful sentiment too!

  3. A great page Mary.... love it

  4. Love that poem many levels. fresh colours


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