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Draw Something that Represents a New Years Resolution

05-02-2012 Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the best to do.  In this instance I'm teaching myself how to keep my opinions to myself.  Working hard to listen without judgement and offer unconditional love.  Very easy with the two little ones always a bit more difficult with the husband and teenager.  I keep slipping and catching myself.  It doesn't help that when I'm trying to hold my voice they are asking, "What?  What were you GOING to say?"

EDM 99


  1. I love your two cents!!

    And yes, this is a battle I fight, too, to remember that the world doesn't really need every single opinion I hold, however vital!

  2. Ha! Just tell them you stepped on a tac! Then they'll know why you were cringing. LOL

  3. Oh my, how much I need to be able to do this, too.

    Love the "two cents",



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