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Draw a Present You Have Received

05-04-2012 This simple piece of art is particularly more touching today because he ran away from home yesterday.  When I realized he had gotten out of the fenced backyard my daughter Aurora was sick throwing up and my husband was at work so I couldn't go out looking for him.  It was terrible. 

I waited two hours for Aurora to nap and keep food down watching out every window the entire time.  When I was sure she was well enough to ride in the car we went out looking for him.   An hour of searching within a mile in all directions of home, we couldn't find him.  On the positive side, we did not to find his body on the road either.  At one point I spotted something white in the woods, it was a chicken.  Imagine my surprise and disappointment.  We went home waited watched and let her rest some more. 

Finally six hours later I decided to get in the car and look one last time.  At this point figuring someone had spotted him and took him home.  He is cute after all.  The final search once again being unsuccessful my hopes of finding him dim.  Turning into our driveway with the late day sun shining into my eyes I see movement on the side of the road, "Is that my dog?" 

There he was.  Trotting down the side of the street big ears flapping in the wind.  I cried, he whimpered and holding him at that moment could only compare to the relief I felt when I held my new born babies for the first time.

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  1. I'm so glad he came back...what a lovely gift!


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