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Draw Your Artspace

05-19-2012 A map to the space where I store my art supplies.  It's a sturdy 7 foot square wrap around desk with drawers for everything the desk area behind this drawing houses my computer/printer etc.

Note added 05-20-2012 The marker/pencil bins are called Stack Its they are silver with 9 pen deep storage areas and lids that prop open.  The lid props over the pens and keeps dust off the supplies.  One bin holds 30 Copics easily or in my storage selection an entire color family.  I bought them at Lowes for under $20 hope this helps.

EDM 82


  1. Looks good to me, although mine would never be that neat. Great sketching. xox

  2. hopping around from AIB and landed here, glad I did. That's a great idea for my studio. So many drawers, I go through them, opening one after another, looking for what I need.


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