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Reading to Feed the Creative Appetite

03-11-2012 I've been investing a lot more of time into reading lately.  I love picking up a book and reading three to four pages then absorbing it.  This way I can read many different books at the same time, it's the best way to fit reading into my schedule. 

Of course I'm reading a novel there is always one hanging around this one is a James Patterson Alex Cross book.  I'm also reading "Artist's Journal Workshop"  as I am taking Catherine Johnson's Strathmore Watercolor Workshop I thought it would be fun to get familiar with her work.  The Blissfully Journaling group was discussing reading a book called, "Life is a Verb" so I picked that up too.  I'm very excited about started that book soon, the introduction was intriguing. 

I finally finished reading Danny Gregory's, "Everday Matters" I've been a member of the Yahoo Group inspired by this book for quite a while so it only seemed befitting to read the book.  It was very good and I decided to read another of his books "The Creative License"  This sketch below was suggested in the book as one of a series of four non-pencil drawings.

Simply put, #1 Draw a Chair. This just isn't any chair, I adore this glider/rocker not only for its comfort but also the memory of holding my daughter in the middle of the night rocking and smelling her sweet baby aroma. A mix between sugar cookies and something heavenly unique only unto babies. I hope the other 'pen only' sketches will be as successful as this.


  1. Wow, nicely done and lovely memories :)

  2. Yes, you did a fine job with this chair, and I know well those baby smell memories!

  3. that's an awesome looking chair! :) I love pencils too much to give them up

  4. Nicely done! I can't just read four pages and then walk away...I'm one of those that slurps it down all in one sitting, only to be disappointed that I finished it too fast. Of course, I don't have kids and that could be a big reason!


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