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Draw Something Colorful

03-13-2012 Lately I've been craving complex objects to draw.  I love drawing inanimate objects in a way that makes them feel alive to me.  This toy bin shelf is my choice for Everyday Matters something colorful.  It is complex and alive as a station full of creativity, we actually have two of these tucked in a corner.  Had my youngest continued her nap today I would have them both on the page, this is the one on the left. 

Eventually I'll do the one on the right maybe from a different angle?  One thing is for sure what is in it today won't be the same on the day I draw it.  These bins get dumped and filled every day the empty bin in the drawing are toys that are currently in the process of being played with.  The chair?  I have no idea why they faced it that way only they know their reasoning for the placement of things.  To ask would seem to impede reality into their imaginary world. 

EDM 287


  1. What a charming drawing! It will bring back many fond memories in years to come, I'm sure. nancy

  2. So fun! I love the toys in the boxes and how you really captured the scene with a few colors!

  3. Great idea for something colorful! I love that you don't ask 'why' on the chair! Lovely sketch!


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