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Creative License Pen Only Mug

03-12-2012 The second pen only sketch #2 Draw a Mug.  This is my favorite mug and as such I have drawn it a couple times.  This is the first time I've drawn it in this position.  I had some trouble with the shadows.  Where I placed it on the kitchen counter has light from two sources.  I've never done anything that complex before so I didn't know what to do.  I tried to simplify it to one but had trouble "seeing" where one shadow ended and the next began.  If I had been sitting down working from a photo I may have had better luck. 

For this I was standing up with speedy kids buzzing around my legs.  You can kind of see when they would bump against me if you study the lines.  Have I mentioned in the past how many times they show up right at the exact line work moment to say, "Hi" and bump my arm or the table?  It isn't my art style that makes this look it's my art lifestyle.  Creating around the kids has a powerful positive energy and also some sacrifice.  For me it's good because I become a critical perfectionist the lines end up too straight and thus lifeless.  The kids force a hand of loose creation and it teaches me patience.


  1. Hi, I understand that this can be challenging to draw with the kids bumping into you. What does the title of the blog post mean? Why is it called Creative License? Or maybe you are not referring to the 'official' creative license.

  2. Very nice! You also did a good job with the shadows you said were complex.

    I also understand the child thing. Mine is getting bigger gets better and soon they will want their own sketchbooks etc. it's a fun progression to witness.

  3. Mary, not bad considering all your distractions, but photographs don't help if made with a flash,(which washes out those useful shadows) photographs done with a single bright light source and no flash can be useful, still I believe nothing beats real life, with a good directed light source for really learning how to draw. Try it again when you can control the set up and environment a bit more.

  4. Good job, especially considering the "bumps" along the way! nancy

  5. I think you did remarkable considering the bumps! Shadows can definitely be confusing when from two light sources! Nice page!


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