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Bread as a Work of Art

03-17-2012 Well this was an interesting slice of bread.  Have you ever looked at bread I mean really looked at it?  Don't just slap your condiment on it next time actually pick it up and study it.  There are so many tiny little details.  These were the most interesting ones from the piece that I drew for my Creative License activity.What it taught me was that every line I draw has a relationship with the lines around it. 

With enough time and loads of patience I could have re-enacted that entire scene of tiny holes.  I know that I can, but selecting what I like the most is much more pleasurable.  My drawing celebrates the ability to mentally eat only the most sweet and juicy morsels of what I see and discard the bland uninteresting aspects.


  1. This happens to me all the time: I think I know what something looks like, but when I try to draw it...;-)
    Love your drawing

  2. Very classy and clean. Love the design on the plate!

  3. I like very much your approach, both in the drawing and in the words! and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'll be back here!

  4. Deciding what to leave out is just as important as deciding what to include! Your drawing is a good one, and I love the plate, too! nancy

  5. I love the way the pattern on the plate frames your slice of bread!


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