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Blind Contour US Map

This was really fun, super sloppy but a good practice at seeing.  The exterior was blind contour with the interior filled in as best I could to work with the lines that were already laid down.  The abbreviations were a struggle it's been years since third grade geography.  I forgot to label one of the states.  Do you know which one?  I also through in another state above Kentucky, sure why not?  Didn't notice it until labeling time.  This exercise definitely showed me that I don't always 'see' what I'm looking at.


  1. That's a pretty amazing blind contour!

  2. I did one of these for the lower part of the United States, Mexico, and central America not too long ago. It actually was a lot of fun to do! And then I tried to paint it...bad idea. Nice page and nice exercise! And sure, why not, we could use another state!


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