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Big Thick Legs - teeny tiny tabletop

03-12-2012 For the Creative License book pen only exercise #3 Draw a Table.  Yes, I know this isn't an entire table but it is the most interesting detail of our kitchen table.  I didn't quite get the dimensions correct the top should be thicker to look at this drawing I have a tiny thin table top on massive beefy legs.  I'm fairly pleased with the symmetry.  This was one of those drawings that would have came out really well with a pencil guideline first.  I fantasize about the freedom of straight away pen to paper sketches but I do see for me the pencil offers me a guidance that is stabilizing.


  1. That is way cool and so brave! I'm not sure I've ever drawn without a pencil :) Kuddos and great drawing!!!

  2. Yep, big, beefy, legs alright! This is a really nice drawing of something that isn't all that easy to do. Well done! nancy

  3. Good sketch of quite a difficult subject!

  4. Terrific symmetry for not having pencil guidelines! I would have had to have them!

  5. Great work! The Creative Licence is a wonderful book, isn't it? Drawing directly with pen is liberating, and often surprising (in good or bad ways, that's the surprise ^^!)


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