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Watercolor Doodles

02-14-2012 With some quiet time this evening I played around with watercolors and doodles.  My mom showed me how to do these fun doodle color ins when I was little.  I always find them enjoyable when I just want to do something uninhibited with color. 

This is perfect to share for The Butterfly Effect prompt Doodling.  This is the third artist prompt website with that theme in less than a month.  Winter is a great time for doodling since there is so much brown lifelessness in the outdoors.  I did this in my Strathmore journal that I use to experiment with mixed media work. 

Time for bed.  As a fellow artist once said art before sleep lays the groundwork for a night full of dreams creating art.  Good Night.


  1. Gorgeous rainbow page! :) The shading makes all the difference. :)

  2. Beautiful colours and feel to this piece, like a soft swirly rainbow :D XXX

  3. This doodle is very dreamlike....I love how the colors are soft and pleasing to the eye :)

  4. I will look at your colorful peace tonight, before I go to bed... and I will have the most amazing dreams :-)))


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