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Not Just Cigars

Squeezing in time last night to explore Cuba our travel destination this weeks Travel Sketchbook.  Just as a side note there are lots of fun people playing along with the Postcard Challenge where I get my inspiration for this book you can check out the link button on the right. 

What I was able to gather in my time crunched travel was that the Communist leader Castro would not allow ownership transfer of cars and homes since 1959.  What does that mean?  That means a country full of these American classics.  When I was looking at photos it was as if the country was stuck in a time bubble.  I wanted to read on and see if they had overcome this obstacle I saw that as of April 2011 talks had begun to make changes. 

Could you imagine how different your families possessions would be if they had to keep what they had in 1959?  What did they do, were younger people living with their parents as adults and sharing mom and dads car?  If that were the case there could easily be four generations living in that house by 2012.  Something to think about.


  1. The cars have become quite iconic and a tourist attraction, but I wonder what the Cubans make of the whole thing!

  2. great car. I wonder if the people think they are missing out? I don't always think that our fast paced society is such a great thing, and that people with less in the way of material objects seem to be happier within themselves, whilst those of us with more are never satisfied.

  3. I like your purple car with its orange glow- it's a keeper!

  4. Fantastic job on the car! Love the color to.

  5. Lovely car! I should love to go and see them all, I believe most are taxis now. Great card.

    Janet xx

  6. yay - I did a car too,

    i love your purple people eater car,


  7. Not just cigars pink cards as well. :) Great postcard!

  8. All those large, gas guzzling autos in retro colors...we're learning to appreciate the little things in life...aloha, Lei

  9. Throwing stuff away less often is a good principle but not sure I would like living with 1959 stuff for everything. Your car looks good enough to keep though.
    Jen x

  10. Great car - wish I could have done one. So true what you say about having to make do with stuff- probably not so easy

  11. Cool car!!! How weird would it be t live like that?? :D XXX


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