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Musical Bird Duo Mixed Media

For this post I photographed the progress to show my layer work in response to Butterfly Effects making layers.  You can see their website button in the right hand column to get information about their weekly challenges and inspiration. 

This is my first time working with their prompts.  I made this by first scribbling with a gold paint pen then going over it with a twinkle watercolor wash followed by sketching the girl cutting her out and applying her and the bird.  I added scrap paper details and finished up by adding line details with Pitt brush pens and Prismacolor fine line markers.

Musical Duo
Layer One

Layer Two Line Work and Color Added

Girl with Eyes Added


Hair and Head Dress Added

Eyes Close Up

Musical Notes

Additional Lines


  1. This is fab! :) Love all the lines and she looks really cute. :)

  2. Oh my!!! This is fantastic!!! Paper piecing your images is soooo clever! :D XXX

  3. She's the girl with kaleidoscope eyes! I adore her paper hair and eyes and loved seeing your layers build up into that fabulous final piece.

  4. So sweet & loved seeing her develop, really cool layers!

  5. mary, this is great - i love process shots and this came together beautifully!



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