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Draw Your Refrigerator Interior

02-16-2012 Wow, what a skill tester this Everyday Matters item was.  I think I took the wrong angle at this challenge from the onset I looked at this as a mountain and I should have taken it one stone at a time.  My failure was not lining the door up with the refrigerator box but my greatest accomplishment was the interior depth which is what I had worried about before I started.  For me I did do what I set out to do and learned along the way.

EDM 49


  1. These are great sketches! You are really flying through those challenges!

  2. Wow, I love how you got the perspective and depth. Great job.

  3. Nice sketch! I love to have lots of stuff in the fridge, and I know it's a tough challenge. You've nailed it without a doubt =)

  4. You did well with this sketch, it wasn't an easy perspective.


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