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Draw the Medicine Cabinet

02-14-2012 For this Everyday Matters item I needed to draw the inside of our medicine cabinet.  Which was just fine by me as we're not druggie hoarders so we really have nothing to hide.  From a drawing perspective it seemed like a daunting task, go look in your cabinet sometime, there's all kinds of symmetrical shapes and shadows and things packed in just so.  I felt pretty good about my finished piece if nothing else I gained an appreciation for the objects within the cabinet that make out lives better through moistened skin, eased headaches and vitamin enrichment.  This was drawn my favorite EDM way in gray scale with Micron pens for line work and Pitt pens for shading.

EDM 45


  1. You were brave to tackle that medicine cabinet! Well done!

  2. Well done! I tried this once but gave up. Guess it's time to tackle it again.

  3. Beautifully drawn! Pitt's pen are so good for shading =)

  4. This is my favorite one, even more than the refrigerator (also very good)! For some reason I really like rows of little tiny bottles of varying shapes and sizes. Love the two little razors side by side. And you've done such a great job with the shading. Pretty sure I recognize a Tums bottle!


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