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Draw Something Huge

02-11-2012 After having a head cold and no desire to draw at all it's been nice to finally have my artistic voice back again.  This is for EDM 305 - Draw Something Huge the bookshelf in the center is a corner unit that goes from floor to ceiling.  It's filled with various knick knacks that my husband and I inherited from our families.  The only items in that area that are our style is the digital photo frame full of family pictures and the guitars.  Someday soon we'll get some knick knacks that are more about us and fill up the shelves with things we actually enjoy.


  1. Lovely sketch. Glad that you decided to sketch again. Artist's blocks happens every once in a while I think it's normal. =)
    And yep, a shelf that tall definitely is categorized as BIG

  2. You have a good sense of depth on the shelves, they look nice even with your inherited knick knacks!


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